Today, Today

It is the best when things begin to happen , to point you in a new direction that

turns into a child’s dream coming to be.. This old house and I are ‘home’ and

certainly not without challenges . But the peace and clam here are well received

and so needed . Like the exhale , I am liberated from the past that refused to let me

breathe, walking around in the affected sons and grandkids , in a never ending

one up man’s ship , that exposing is the only antidote.

As my body releases the anger via my liver , so much lighter and weaker , but

so Divinely blessed to be here ,in this quietude , and watch the birds , listen to their

divine song , watch the cow graze , and watch their movements and signals to each

other ..This space I have longed for , it seems my long forgotten dream is being

presented and with the addition of friends and beloveds and those so willing to engage

true and righteous . On this full moon , I feel the new beginning I have longed for is

incumbent and can and will minister to anyone who desires it and will listen as I

am ministered to, in love and respect , being mindful is reality .

This song expresses my Today,Today





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