Laughing & Crying; the Same Release

Yesterday’s energy was so intense that I had to lay me down early afternoon, flipped

on my Amethyst Mat and perspired more toxins out . My mowers came and I did not stir;

agent called and  was in route , and notifying me friend just had to walk the property

right now… So much for 24 hour notice  ~

I have surrendered to every delay , in this transition and along with the toxins , the shock

of being evicted , ( which I am standing up against, with truth and facts)  and the one up

man ship in the never ending game that Narcissi folks feed off of, there is no winner, and

tons of fallout.  Dangerously low thyroid , poisoned by the chemicals in the prescription

for high blood pressure , but was low thyroid and a strong suggestion to go on a chemical

made by humans , that has failed to bring my thyroid up to naturally normal.

Then the gift of the ulcerated colon , bacterial in nature the dosage was too high , and my

liver was unloading overly fast . Slowed down, back off , and continued to eat well so I

would not loose more weight and be that much more weak.

3 days ago , my feet began to swell, from ankles on down. My Dad’s did also and I know it

signals something very serious and I know what to do and who to go to , and I shall make it

a priority to begin chelation sooner than later .

As I opened my media player and found 2 of my favorite Bonnie Raitt songs , I released

some tears , and what a relief!  Music evokes , nourishes and tells a poetic story to me

and a huge part of my life’s journey .

I have released more blood relationships with this transition , and am at peace with this

for I am honoring myself and utilizing precious time with beloveds who do not have to

put me down to lift themselves up .

Nick of Time, is about creation , in this case a baby. But a creative woman is a more full

humane being.


My tears came up hearing I will not be broken, and yes I know this to be true . I am tested

and I am Blessed to be hanging in there and riding this one out.

I will not be Broken , which is taken as a challenge to do just that…


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