Regaining true intimacy; ending distorted sexual energies .

By Cleopatra Openheart


I totally agree , and not having met the beloved who owns this reality I remain

celibate; knowing I lack nothing by settling for less than largely by the socially

accepted manipulations that lend to bad choices that impede our light & love.



Why do women in general and even me at some point think that by taking off our clothes even using the excuse of it being spiritual will make us more valid, wanted, sexier, acceptable and more free!!
Did you know that our sacral chakra is the most manipulated chakra of all the rest ! Did you know that 90% of humans have sexual manipulated chakras and are sexually distorted !
And if we don’t heal this chakra never will we understand true intimacy and sexuality at its pure state !
Even awakened woman in the new age haven’t even begun to understand their own purity !
We seem to have lost the inner deep understanding when we let the world and our trauma effect our energies and how we view our bodies, how and for what it’s use! To get what or who? To use a certain position or show more then what we are meant to! Even more secluded small tribes seem to be distorted by allowing some women to sleep with around with other men in the tribe because that’s what they are taught !
We have not yet got to a place of true understanding of purity or sacredness not even in places where it seems like such!
I have yet to really see that of which a little girl more so feels to understand when young at age, we then have a more connected understanding and inner feeling of purity but slowly but surely it gets of hold of and distorted by how our parents are or the world introduced it to us!
We have a long way to really be like the old ancient ways where we truly knew how to present ourselves as Queens!


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