Narcissists’ True Love: Money:By Lenora Thompson

Narcissists’ True Love: Money Lenora Thompson


Money: Every narcissist’s true love.

To a narcissist, money isn’t just fancy ink printed on fancy paper…a necessary evil earned and exchanged for services and products. Nay, it’s much, much more.


Like most of us, narcissists see money as security. The ability to go on living, hopefully forever, in the manner to which they are accustomed and keeping up with the Joneses. A generous account balance, a few quid in the mattress, some “safe” investments give them a sense that “all will be well.”

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But will it? What is money anyways?

Well, in the United States, money is merely fiat currency. As Wikipedia phrases it, “In monetary economics, fiat money is an intrinsically useless object or record that is widely accepted as a means of payment.” It’s no longer underpinned by gold, silver or any precious item. Cash is just fancy ink on fancy paper. Bank balances are merely numbers on a computer screen.

In other words…money is nothing…nothing but a big, fat numbers game. And nobody, but nobody, plays games better than a narcissist. “Game playing” is their middle name!




For a narcissist with a good work ethic, playing the numbers game is not just a means to an end. The game is an end in itself, a replacement for their non-existent egos.

The prestige of being Mr. Big Shot is as important to them as the paycheck they receive for playing that role. That’s why they’re apt to rise to the top of their profession. Why? Because they’ve got what it takes and no scruples to stop ’em.

Lying? No problem! After all, narcissists are by nature pathological liars.

Taking credit for others’ ideas and accomplishments? Comes naturally! Sort-of a “reverse projection.”

Acting confident and know-it-all? A very well-rehearsed act indeed (But you’ll be shocked how inept they truly are if you go through their files. For all their high-falutin’ talk, their workload may actually be a bloody mess! I discovered this first hand! All wind and whitewash.)

With professional accomplishment comes not only monetary gain but the privilege to lord-it-over others. Call the shots. Condescend to their underlings. Play the Head Honcho.

But that comes naturally to narcissists, doesn’t it. I mean, they’re gonna act like the Big Boss, whether they have the position…or not


In the quite unlikely event that a narcissist actually gives a monetary gift to a friend or family member, that “gift” comes with invisible strings. The law may state that an inter vivos gift is irrevocable, but narcissists have their own set of laws. In their version of reality, the giftee is eternally beholden to them. Bound by golden chains. Obligated to do their bidding. To worship at their altar.

Most importantly, accepting money from a narcissist binds you to eternal blind belief in the false persona they verbally create and impress on your grateful mind. Dare to see through to the real person behind the mask, to peak behind the curtain or, worse yet, tell the truth about them publicly and they will demand the return of their inter vivos gift.

You don’t “deserve” it anymore, they say, labeling you as “spoiled.”

Their “god”

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I Timothy 6:10 says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil…” Notice, it does not say that “money” is the root of all evil. No! ‘Tis the “love of money” that underpins all evil.

Narcissists will be unkind to others in their quest for money.

Narcissists will try to force you to cheat so they can save a dime by piggybacking on your employee discount. (Been there! Said “no”! Suffered the wrath.)

Narcissists will use their money to control others.

Narcissists will hoard their money, begruding others of basic, human comforts.

The list goes on and on and frickin’ on, but the concept is simple.

Money is the love of narcissists’ life. Not God. Not their families. Not even their spouse. Just money. Filthy, vice-riddled, fiat currency.

How pathetic, and rather silly, is that!?



Know this very sad fact 1st hand ,


Dona Luna


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