Ease of Awakening/Rebirth of Spirit

The following piece on awakening is very good. However , imagine that for many like

myself , finding that a state of invountary addiction , subjugated by professionals , family,

friends and society at large in their general state of ‘not knowing’, or worse of not caring.

My many years of leaving the past behind , was not denial , but rather the blame and

shame game of projectionist , who are tethered to beliefs fed to them by corporations and

groups who feed the falsehoods , and make 1 individual ‘at fault’ .

I sleep very well, even after the many test and forces who are opposed to my truths in a

mode of self preservation at all cost .   And I know how critical it is to release my life

experiences so that others are forewarned and find the healing alternatives , and lessen

damage done ,in the wake of awakening . Where there is anger, there is an ocean of love

to follow.



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