Survival is the 2nd law of life; 1st, is that we are ALL, ONE.

Male and female, life and death, good and evil are the opposition, thus problematic.

The duality of male, female began the problems inherent in states of boredom ; of not

knowing better. Action of the male must be taken when the female activates him and she

must take the results.. of so the Garden of Eden would have me believe , but I believe is

fiction .

Self divided in two parts and there as mistress and the master and like a spit pea woman

thus united, human kind arose.

She became cow to his bull, mare to his stallion, goat this his buck, sheep to his ram

united; all was paired, down to the smallest insects .

Marriage is reconstruction of the androgyne,

If you marry only for the love affair ,

that will not last.

You must marry on another level

to reconstruct the androgyne,

to make the perfect whole,

male and female .

When seeking your partner, if your intuition is a virtuous one,

you will find him or her.  If not you’ll keep finding the wrong person.

The woman’s body is the first world to the newborn. The child’s

projections of anima will be of her from then on.

And so it is with father’s and daughters

To know of your anima or anitmus by your response to the opposite sex.

When a woman realizes the force is within her, the man is more able to emerge

as an individual, rather than being exampled as what she needs.

Seeing her as a conquest or notch on his belt had nothing to do with her

as if looking at a cow and thinking of rib eye steaks.

Falling in love is nature coming in.

It starts by being carried off, by the opposite sex.

The worst of times has taught me , in that worst, I learned the greatest,

deepest and most profound lessons .

The dark night of the soul

comes just before revelation.

When everything is lost,

and all seems darkness,

then comes the new life

and all that is needed.

The 1st half of life

we serve society-engagement.

The 2nd half of life

we turn inward-disengagement .

In the age of decrepitude ,

you look back over your life

with gratitude,

and forward to death

as a return home.

Find a place where there is joy,

and that joy will burn out the pain.

Based on Joseph Campbell’s

Art of Living












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