Father & The Son/Sun.. exits @ 3

I was going to ask for prayers for an easier exit for David, and elder , and husband/father/brother/farmer , and his bride of 21 years , after and amazing challenge  these past 5 years as cancer and visiting yesterday afternoon , we 3 ladies discussed the  many signs of his exit being soon. Each has lost a beloved partner and I threw in my take of his spirit having already exited and he was watching the goings on, content that his concerns for beloveds were in order..

He passed this AM at 3.. My number ,and as I shared his “list” having been completed , of having his house in order but most of all having me rent a house on their property so she and I can ‘sister’ each other unfettered , and respectful of each other’s space. Exhaling.. Making plans, projects, intentions and self nurture  .. Nature, animals and space to healing more , mentor more and grow more.. Yes, I am sure David wanted me in that old house , and I am happy to go where I can create and not be overly concerned with my foundation being insecure .

There is work to do, much this next month , and more; challenges but I am ready and I am worthy.

I honor that David’s body worked overtime to stick around until all his concerns were met with positive results. His angel work began long ago, and he was not aware until the end fully as was my Dad. He was talking incoherently and day or so ago, and I suggested he was chatting with spirit; his guides made aware only to him and spoke only to him… I saw it as a positive. Thank that body, that housed such strength, certainly not without shadow as most humans are , but loving his gal so much he waited until he knew she would be less challenged if loose ends were ‘knotted’.

Positive energy to her and those who cared for him that strength and release all the negatives of watching , waiting , nursing , and friending; with little self regard, so her body, can heal and she might know relaxation , done her way.. meeting her needs, now.

God Speed David, lying in the arms of the angels ;


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