Michael C Murdock - Divine Light Phases

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Since the start of July 2016 i have felt more physical discomfort, and emotional loneliness which has hung around until this very day, and it doesn’t seem like these Ascension Symptomsand States of being will be leaving any time soon either. It’s being  brought on by the light integrations, being brought up into me, enhanced by and now especially since the end of the month of July (July 27th) to be exact and onwards. I have been dealing with enhanced integrations of the light energy coming into my body. Which intensifies these symptoms both physical and emotional.

Since (July 27th) i’ve been experiencing more and more of these energy downloads, these New code activations, more new higher information downloads, and because of everything that is happening to me it’s bringing up the aspect(s) within my outer/inner physical body that are in pain up and out to the surface to be healed and transmuted. It’s…

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