My belief is that we embody god / goddess; sometimes we fail to receive that affirmation..and all life has lessons and provides teachers , when we are ready.

Faith has been restored ,  recreated and created more in tune with my intuitive  nature , in a perpetual student/teacher/every-human kind of way, after a long time in hell on earth , where one does not know, ‘do you see me, do you hear me , do I matter?’and that becomes a reverb as it clarified by narcissistic partner who ‘cults’ children and friends and family to continue his never ending domestic abuse , since he won’t be held accountable ….not on earth perhaps…whose to say?

Finally knowing has released me; as I again face health . financial, and legal issues , as I transform my place of residence .

Mindfully responding is a responsibility, we can be challenged by , but those who are in need of our smile, our hello, how are you? may so need you just be kind , just acknowledge and of course repel all negative in favor of the light….

I am witnessing yet again the strong transforming of several folks and it is a privilege to be even a fraction of their experience …


I enjoy the intensity and sound of this group on several notable.


I would say that God was my quarterback , and forwarded me to Buddhism with always my Native American thrown in …since my wake up call ( that took a lot longer than necessary) I have learned more about my ancestry, and myself ..

This song played on the radio late at night circa 2004 ; and my soul needed this message of divine love and acceptance and that I mattered , when the opposition was 95% and I had no clue why I was having this negative experience , and again not being heard , no matter who I talked to or what I said , the adverse of what I knew I needed to begin healing was normal. Rather than give in, or give up, I developed my own plan , with tons of friends and information and support on line , via others who have acknowledged that and yes there were failures , however  harm was done, yes we shall be heard, and healed of the abnormal that insults us as individuals. I know better who I am, and better for knowing, as I try to be better .


Blessings & Peace,

Dona Luna



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