Steroidal Vanity

Vanity is often a ‘cover’ for something else, when in stage as children , of hypnotists

(until age 5) we are harmed  by any manner of abuses , which are individual as we are.

Those very wounds compounded by our unknowing mind , and lacking the ‘do you

see me, do you hear me, do I matter? ,support when a trauma occurs , left unacknowledged

can block out our hearts need to heal, forgive and let go.

The ignorance until now that has allowed narcissist to wreak all the damage they do;

supported , perhaps by JFK’s pronounced ‘secret societies ‘, are responsible for the

oversight .

Carly Simon sings of that persona in “You’re So Vain”, a very kind word Narcissist ;

who are making  absurd statements that lack fact …but believed as they play

the roles necessary to fit any situation having vampired on others life long , so non

developmental repression  and trauma could be the narc who never seems to wake from

grip of dark energy ..



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