Breaking @ Breakthru 

For many reasons , I am hearing this song in my head 

and I realize many could be feeling the same . 

Each of us have our own personal battles , and silence 

denotes that 

I’ve long held that each day is a gift , an opportunity 

to meet life with love and a willingness to be part

of another who feels the same.  I find that despite 

Lots of communication , support ,  in the best I 

have to give ; recpicical has tenucals that disadvantage 

the intimacies of deep friendship , that is DOA , in its

natural growth towards a higher ‘love’ .

I will be writing more of this ….. tonight my whole

being aches with the loss . 

Tomorrow is a brand new day , to begin again. To make

my own noise , if I want , or to revel in the sound of silence , 

where spirit finds me and all is well with my soul .


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