Milton shares this, on WORDS/THOUGHTS

It is very important to keep up with the cleansing, clearing, releasing, forgiving and letting go of all emotional baggage.
I was reminded of this again last night, as listened to a meditation, and then the forgiveness aspect came in, and souls appeared in

 my inner vision, whom I had not thought of for years.
In that this morning I had to go deeper and then had to release things I had vowed not to do in this lifetime, or promised myself would not happen. Even the promise to self can be binding, and vows will stand, for the angels will keep you to those vows, even lifetimes later and the vow needs to be released and then also the angels dismissed.
It has brought back to me how careful we have to be with words we speak, especially if deep feelings and emotions are involved, like anger, pain, disillusionment, etc. That more or less amplifies the words, like I VOW, I PROMISE, I COMMIT, I swear, etc.
Years later we might wish to have exactly that which we vowed we would not want to have, for we might have changed at the core and our life has changed.
I personally have found that this carries over in other lifetimes, and therefore I have become very careful with words, and what I put out there!
Add to this thoughts – even your thoughts manifest into form. So be careful what you think and be careful what you wish for!
Especially be very diligent and careful at this time, for things will manifest into form almost instantly, and the bad vibes you put out there will return to you in manifold, just like the blessings.
When you are upset, or in pain, or angry, or whatever it is good to just get back into balance before you make vows, or promises to self and others and before you speak words of woe onto anyone.
All energy has ripple effects. 
(Judith Kusel)


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