I made a promise before I read this, & many books that explain NOW

The moon, as daughter of the Great Mother , is known as the Triple Goddess.  She 

presides over all acts of generation, weather physical , intellectual , or spiritual.

Her triple aspect expresses the three phases of the moon ; waxing(growth), full (rebirth)

and waning (periodic death) .

She is, as the New or Waxing Moon, the a White Goddess of birth and growth.

She is , as the Full Moon , the Red Goddess of love and battle .

She is the Old or Waxing Moon , the Black Goddess of death and divination.

These are the three phases of the woman’s life , all natural and all magical .
The first and most obvious  areas in which this new power is likely to be felt 

are  in the State and Church , with women acceding to positions of power 

in government -women  such as Hillary Clinton .

One of the other areas that women will of course  have an increasing impact 

on is in the business arena .

” The Moon hidden in deep shadows, 

Her brother passes  iron like ,

The great one hidden for a long time  under the eclipses,

Iron will cool in the bloody wound .”
~ Century 1:84
One of the characteristics that will enhance this new feminine  world 

will therefore be a willingness to discover and thereby innovate.
Contrary to popular conceptions , probably the greatest contribution 

of all the feminine paradigm in this will be it’s spirituality .

Women will help men to understand that their ambitions are not the

be-all and end-all of life.

Men will see this as very sinister .

Men take their ambitions very seriously indeed..

That is not to say that women don’t take their ambitions seriously 

because they are strongly influenced by patriarchy .

Once critical mass is reached many of these things will change .

Because of this feminine spirit , the world reaches a new state – one

contains  harmony ,min at least greater measure along with 

co-operation between nations , people , races…

New fundamental aspects of industry and economics , such as the way 

money is related to human effort .

Women will bring a new spirituality and maturity to society , helping 

men to learn the truth about ambition , domination and competition ,

thus avoiding replication of the same habits generation after generation .

A strong alliance between Ameruca and Euripe will result with the presence 

of a  female president .

The critical mass of the feminine spirit =

the depletion of patriarchy =

chaos and change  in religion , industry  and politics 

+ the instance of natural catastrophes=

further transformation=

eventual freedom from the repression of the past .

Woman brings man to balance ,

brings the world to justic and truth .

Woman+ Man =Truth

When the adulter who is wounded 

without a blow being struck , 

He will have murdered his wife and son

out of fustration :

wife knocked over he will strangle the child .

~ Century  8:63

Free to choose the whole family structure has to change 

including including how we see our marriage structures.

Marriage may be abandoned as a religious vow altogether .

The corporation that increased the tragic results of divorce 

allows for many that abuse is unacceptable , similar to prison ,

resulting for many youth the concept of “beta marriages” .

Men will change their acts and attitudes towards women as 

old prejudices disappear.

This is essential to our development as man created human

values out of the raw material of Mother Earth .

Thus woman empowered is part of the process of 

transcendence ; a greater and higher function of

human nature .

Women are needed to soften the harshness that male

energy has produced on Earth, to provide a greater measure 

of love and wisdom, often missing via mankind in the past.

A new paradigm ,more balanced  values swings the patriarchal in 

one of the most exciting changes anyone living as witnessed-particularly 

women . Care must be taken not to veer off balance , neither 

patriarchal, nor matriarchal but equal , in harmony 

with existence and one another.

Election of a woman president of USA.

Inclusion of women in the priesthood of the Chatholic 

Church .

Rise of a ” Seline Movement ” , culminating in a massive 

march across Europe .

New legislation protecting women from crimes against 


Women promoted to the highest ranking positions 

In the military , in government , and in the financial 


Loosely taken from 

Nostradamus Phophecices  

 For Women 


Manuela Dunn Mascetti  & Peter Lorie 


Blessings & Peace 

Dona Luna


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