Know Thine Archetypes

In the earlier version of this article I made the most bigley mistake an AstroArchetypalist can make. I gave the client the wrong data on his chart. Needless to say, it is now repaired. Thank you, Bob!

Calculated in Whole Signs


I say,”Yes, the office will make the man.” If “nurture” beats “nature,” then environment will influence a person. Look at Obama. He was so liberal and Peacey prizey and then the Oval Office kicked his ass and turned him into a jolly warlord. Trump has the ever youthful Gemini going for him. And some important Caring Cancer/Capricorn energy too. I have hopes that The Office will enhance those natal energies. He could be the Keeper of the Fort. Fingers crossed.

People are freaked out today and yesterday since we actually elected a buffoon for president. But what if he is not a clown. Maybe he is a showman. In his…

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