In his words , after yet another attempt to connect ,a message that Narcs love impart thru your Children 

Every e-mail and phone call you’ve made to your children for over 10 years paints of picture of you being abused, you being lied to, you being tricked and misled, you being hated, you being sick, you never being sick, you being poisoned and you being the victim. I’m not saying you had it easy, but you can’t preach to any three of us about hardship. We know hardship. We’ve just chosen to gain from our struggles. We aren’t perfect in that choice, but it’s still the choice we seek. We see it as building character in order to be better people. You’ve used it as talking points of sustainable negativity.
I’ll be 29 years old this year and for every good memory of you, there are seventy horrible memories. It’s hard to remember a time where you weren’t sick. There is no healing for growing up without the normalcy of a mother and son’s loving relationship. Instead I have the peace knowing I’m happy with the person I’ve become. I’m telling you this because there is no hope for the relationship you so desperately seek with me or your other sons.You bring nothing but stress, torment and anguish by the constant phone calls, text messages and visit to Jamey. Please understand you help to destroy his quality of life when you do this, no matter your intentions. He loves his family, friends, job and everything to much than to leave Roanoke. Please don’t ruin everything for him.
I pray that you gain peace for where you are in your life now. I hope that you can find something to believe in, that is real and that you can control. For so long you’ve search for that in a relationship with us. That just won’t happen. Please focus on yourself and leave us behind. 
No need to respond, you’ll just be wasting your time. Find something or someone else to believe in and love
A mere year before:

Subject: Re: Nov, Hope you are well
I’ll be 28 years old

I asked you to not e-mail me. Please understand all your e-mail goes straight to my trash folder. I do not see your e-mails unless I check the trash folder, which is rare.

We have no relationship mainly because you can’t respect my wishes (like this of not contacting me).

Stop acting like you know me or my family because you get information from *****  or Dad.

Please stop praying for me. Your god, Budda, does not hear you. You need to have start a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the only God.

Whom ever is giving updates to Dona, who ever the fuck Dona is, please stop. You are not respecting my wishes either.
In his grasp of what is fact :

Stop fucking e-mailing me. This is the one reason we don’t have a relationship. You are incapable of respecting other peoples wishes.
Dad, if your telling Mom this stuff about my life then you are just as bad as her. Stop it as I’ve asked you to. I don’t care how sorry you feel for her!find other ways to make her happy.,

This is just part of the abuse a NARC adores , it substations him

Stop fucking e-mailing me. This is the one reason we don’t have a relationship. You are incapable of respecting other peoples wishes.

Travis, April 2011

Your e-mail is yet validation that you can’t listen, reason or hold a relationship. You can’t read a sentence without interjecting with one or more of your own. You are sick to the core of your sole. You live in the past and the negative action that make up your personality. At the end of the day it’s been so long and your illnesses have consumed you practically throughout my entire life there will never be a relationship in store for us in this life. Though **** is more sensitive and delusional of your and his relationship the motherly thing to do in your case is to leave him alone and let him heal from all the things you’ve put him through. Though you talk like a victim, you should be ashamed of all the horrible actions and things you’ve put your family through. I don’t wish for you to die. But I wish for you to move far away, no longer seek a relationship with your family, see a real doctor, focus on your disease and find something that you love and loves you back.
Your name isn’t Dona, it isn’t mom, it’s Donna.

Please pray for children abused via Domestic Abuse , and NPD 


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