Petition to end Domestic Violence/Abuse,with Letter
Petitioning Ca Partnership to end domestic violence Camille Hayes and 1 other

Stop Domestic Violence offenders from being released on bail without house arrest
Jeannele Lopez Sacramento, CA
In memory of Jessica Chavez and many other Domestic Violence victims who lost their lives when their offender was released from custody. Right before thanksgiving Jessica Chavez was brutally murdered in front of her house and left in the cold street ALONE to die from a gun shot wound to her head by her ex boyfriend who had been incarcerated shortly before. He bailed out of jail and showed up at her house where he shot…and killed her. He is nowhere to be found and is considered by authorities to be armed and dangerous. Across the country domestic violence victims are afraid for their lives and often lose their lives due to retaliation by their offenders for being incarcerated due to their abuse. Jessica was within hours of relocating into hiding out of fear for her life….but didnt have a chance. As her friends and family we are begging for the law to change on how domestic violence offenders are monitored. This is how I am proposing the law should change. 

1) ALL DV perpetrators must be evaluated by a psychiatrist before being considered for bail and a minimum 72 hour hold. 

2) Upon OR or bail….the offender MUST be put on an ankle monitor/house arrest for 30 days payable by the offender. If the offender can afford to post bail they can afford to pay for house arrest. This gives the victim either time to secure safe housing or relocate completely. If they cannot afford to pay for an ankle monitor/house arrest they must remain incarcerated until their sentencing. 

3) The county in which the offense occured must have a DV response team to assist any victims with a pending dv case especially where the offender has been released from jail immediately and with no hesitation. 


This petition will be delivered to:

Ca Partnership to end domestic violence

Camille Hayes

Amanda kirchner

Read the letter
Letter to

Ca Partnership to end domestic violence Camille Hayes

Amanda kirchner

Dear Amanda,
I am writing to you in hopes you will hear our pleas for help.
November 23rd a friend by the name of Jessica Chavez was murdered in front of her home by a gun shot to her head. She has left behind a child, loving family and friends. She touched her community and many others around her. She had a bright future ahead of her.
Her perpetrator was an ex boyfriend she had broken ties with because of domestic violence. He was put in jail for domestic violence against her and had bailed out…within 24 hours of his release he went to jessicas home….shot and killed her. He left her in the street outside of her home to die. He was found several days later deceased from a self inflicted gunshot wound to his head.
The change that we are asking in regards to the way domestic violence offenders are released from jail are:

1) That all domestic violence offenders must pass a psychiatric evaluation before being eligible for bail or OR after a 72 hour hold. 

2) Domestic violence offenders that have bailed out must be put on an ankle monitor/ house arrest for 14 days minimum. (California law allows a DV victim to break their lease in 14 days instead of 30 days standard.) This allows the victim time to relocate or seek safe and confidential housing. Jessica knew her offender was being released and had bought a ticket to leave the state out of fear for her life…she never made it as she didnt even have time. 

3) DV offenders with a violent history or documented abuse patterns must be put on ankle monitor until either they are proven innocent or sentenced. 

4) Ankle monitor and/or house arrest MUST BE payable by the offenders. If they cannot afford or be willing to do an ankle monitor they must remain incarcerated until their sentencing.
We are pleading with you for your assistance. Please help us make Jessicas voice heard and direct us to a path where we can make this happen. We have started a petition on November 25th and it has already gained almost 1000 signatures and supporters. 

We have contacted W.E.A.V.E and we are seeking their support and endorsement as well. We will continue to push for these laws to change. Thousands of DV victims are murdered every day due to offenders retaliation and anger. Many children are motherless because of DV. We would like to add you to our petition so you can be included, informed and involved. We are asking for your help.


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