The Necessity of Grandparents in the Cycles  of Life 

Now that ill health , has hit home ..and grandkids are pre teens , the gal who walked on my grave as it were, is more hands on . He is about gifting big time, now realizing pridefully how important being a Dad is . Friendships is as intimate as NPD get, and strategically must benifit . 

Many think my sons are motherless , and as yet another blonde , she looks enough from a distance , or to the unknowing as the Mother and grandmother. #LikeFoundLike

Bought hook line and sinker , accepted for writing checks when he was covering up his income , because she makes Dad happy .  
She is not my sister, he is a friend/parent with a serious case of NPD.

A warning that is boundaries are non existent , having knowledge of ex BIL sexually abusing his only daughter digitally , accepted as normal and never spoken of  I am noticing granddaughter is not especially depicted as close to him . #Predators 
David Wolf . Com may have the original intact without the rap 


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