Evoking Much needed Release;  Tears No Fear 

On Wednesday I finally committed to my best possible 2017

and that’s inside out . I’m not allowing the mindless , to guide 

my life in any manner and ” closet cleaning ” has begun, between 

life ..

My treatment for IBS, Ulcerated Coloitis , Gastritis ( equate to labor

pains is Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy (LDA) which treats all 

food allergies and hundreds of Enviormental allergies and sensitivities .

Autoimmune diseases are also treated with LDA.  The list of aliments

is vast . 6 treatments per year @ $200 per. Austin  and MS , Sjorgen!s

Syndrome , Rheumatoid Arthritis…and Lyme.

The 2nd procedure I am doing is Prolozone & Platelet Rich Plasma.

A cup of my blood is with drawn and an activated form of oxygen 

is injected into joints and connective tissue which stimulates healing 

from arthritis or injuries that cause chronic pain and stiffness.

Professional athletes in every sport utilize this treatment . 

Decreases inflammation , increases blood supply , increases cellular energy 

production , activates stem cells , promotes regeneration of tissues. 

High rate of success with artist is, sports injury , shingles , interstitial cystitis ,

Low back pain, neck pain, headaches, neuropathy , pelvic pain , carpal tunnel

and plantar fasciitis . @ $200 every other month .

Also offered is Chelation , which decreases inflammation of the arteries , decreases

Calcium build up  , improves elasticity of blood vessels 

and promotes collateral circulation around blockages. Over 50 year practice safe

and effective treatment for atherosclerosis , blocked or hardened arteries, CAD,

and PVD.

I will share my Dr’s info with folks whose intention is pure and can and will

travel or locate services nearer to them. I beg patience in me getting back to you.
So I am very humbled and extremely grateful to have made this choice . My body 

as well as my mind feels in synch , I am secure in my improved health being 

a reality , and so I evoke the right to rid myself of others toxic imprints

by any mindful outlets aviabile . The state of these dis United States is a mass

hallucination that no longer exist in my world; sensing , knowing I have a choice 

with fairy favors that demand my acknowledgement of better is on its way…

So to better enjoy my better through these HoliDaze that are celebrated with 

great spirits today I am watching Meryl Streep, and esteemed actors in an older

movie Sophie’s Choice . It covers a lot of current via a loose historical accounting 

of life in occupation by Natzi , especially that effects on Sophie and her children .

*** And there it is at 21:19 of 23:05 

The ending of her story telling of her forced choice .. One Mother should

ever make .. It’s against nature for anyone to force or mangle this choice .

It’s not only a physical death but a psychological death , totally against 

Universal law . One that shall be eradicated , where both parents , baring 

extremes, make informed decisions and act in unison as to the needs of 

their child .



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