Sophie Bashard : Light of the Divine Feminine & More 

You are a carrier of the Light, and as such, the Light instructs you. 
If you have consciously asked for the Light to be amplified – that is to say, if you have prayed, given thanks, got down on your knees, opened your body, heart and mind to the Divine, invited in healing modalities, asked to be used as a vessel for Spirit – then the Light within you will forcefully flow through your deep intuitive channels whether you are aware of it or not. 
This Light transforms, because there is an ultimate intention of Light to dissolve the ego-mind and it’s addiction to suffering. This Light takes you to new people, places and occurrences that you often don’t expect or actively seek out. 
This year, the Light of the Divine Feminine has reached unprecedented levels of flow and depth, reaching those who are divinely contracted to use, benefit from, transform with, and harness this creative and healing power. 
Both men and women who are programmed to carry Light are affected by this increased quotient of sacred feminine frequency. The raised consciousness of the feminine creates a vessel for higher masculine presence. 
Many Light Carriers have found themselves taken aback by the waves of change and challenge that have presented this year. The external shifts are always a direct consequence of internal movement. You are responding to higher Light levels even if you are not aware of it (although most of you are). These increasing levels of Light demand that you are best positioned and supported in order to carry out a vital, urgent mission on this planet. 
If you are holding back from giving your fullest gifts and opening to your deepest powers of love, the Universe, this year, will have given you many nudges, and even a huge push. 
You HAVE to listen with soul awareness. You cannot indulge in any form of unconsciousness. You are not a victim, you do not need to complain, you do not need to pretend that you don’t know what’s going on. Your mind will not – repeat NOT – know the answers. Your heart, your intuitive self, your third eye, your body, your feelings – will show you what is necessary, when it is necessary. 
You are a Bringer of the New. Wake up to this Truth. Life was never meant to be overly safe and ‘normal’ for you. It was certainly never meant to be mainstream. Don’t pretend that you can’t handle the depth of what you are experiencing now. 
You were born for this. Literally. 
This is your chance, your great opportunity, your great time to seize your Spirit. 
The Unknown doesn’t really faze you, because your Soul lives there. 
The Mystery is what makes you feel alive. 
When you talk about this year, no matter what happened, no matter what it required of you, no matter what you had to dig down to find – remember that you requested it. 
If this brings up resistance or anger in you, please get quiet and still with your Self. 
Your Soul knows what it is doing. 
You are destined to live a Life of great meaning, of raw evolutionary power, of being different and remembered as such, of speaking out against the status quo, of healing old fears, of refusing to accept the worn-out and limited ways. 
You are born to carve out new paradigms of Light. 
Stop comparing your life to others. Stop believing that something is wrong because you don’t fit in. 
You were never meant to fit in. 
This is the beauty of it all. This is the magnificence. 
You can handle anything, everything, all that has come and all that is coming. 
You can handle what is Now. Your strength is rare, phenomenal, vast. You have yet only experienced a few droplets of the ecstasy, the joy, the purity and potency of divine power that you possess. 
If this year’s changes have brought up deep emotions for you that you previously stuffed down, you are being asked to feel them fully and accept their flow through you. This is essential for your evolving energy field. 
Never resist what emotions are here to give you. Withholding feelings causes great blockages to ascending spiritual energy. 
Realise that there is a higher plan for your life that you most likely will not have considered possible. 
You don’t need to know what is, and what isn’t, possible. It is now in the throes of being revealed to you. 
Life changes are an inherent part of Spirit manifesting through you. 
Let go with every deep intention in your body, with every released breath through your cells, and allow the Universe to work through your Life. 
You are a demonstration of Love on the physical plane. 
Life wants you to be seen, felt, heard and experienced in the fullest, most radiant and most present ways. 
The Earth needs your healing Light codes to be spread far and wide. 
You are needed for a Holy Function, but perhaps this does not look like you imagined. 
Let the Universe take your breath away with It’s elegant re-arrangement of your life. 
If you say Yes, I am here. Yes, I am available. Yes, I am willing. Yes, I am open – then expect the Universe to work very, very hard for you. Expect things that you are familiar with to change. Expect to be taken way out of your comfort zone. Expect to face fear, and expect to learn how to heal fear. Expect to be disciplined in your quest for alignment with Self. Expect to have your fixed ideas of how things should be severely challenged. Expect the unexpected, and expect Miracles. 
Above all, expect to be blown away by your own ability to touch hearts, uplift consciousness, join bodies in love and divinely serve the planet. 
You are more than you ever, ever knew. And in 2017, you will come to see just how much you are.


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