Calling All Angels 

This morning I received a text from a beloved friend and I called her immedietly 

after reading her dog had died . Her tears were pronounced , and I let her talk 

expressing deep grief over a dog she had inherited with her home in June.

This sweet girl had guarded 3 homes in the vicinity and my friend had an 

awareness after traveling out of the area , that since her return home in the dark

dog had not been heard from.  She found dog in her driveway , and desolved .

As we talked this widow allowed her unhealed grief from her soul mates premature

death , and loosing this dog tweaked that loss big time.

I told her about Tucker2’s death , less than 2 weeks after moving in my present 

location.  I did have 12 hours notice, but I was here alone , and could not pick 

him up , had no money for a vet , and had to be patient for a friend to come

and take charge of euthanizing Tucker2.

Tucker2 had blood in his drool, could not walk, stand , see or hear, and I gathered 

a blanket and made him comfortable, as I talked to him….

” you have been a very good boy; I could not have asked for a better protector .

and I know you are tired , and sick, and I Thank You and I surrender you, 

that you may exit and thus released can transform into your next phase or life.

I checked on him in the morning and he was gone, only his shell remained.

I said the same thing to my youngest son Travis , upon hearing that his

beloved boxer Dakoda , had recurrent cancer, and had to be euthanized 

the day after the birth of his 1st son was born and he was devestated .

I told him that Dakota had waited until Grayson had arrived and knowing 

Travis had  this child to love, Dakota was liberated to make his exit.

I discussed this with my Dad as he was exiting , as he asked what I would do

without him here ; how would I cope??  I reassured him that he was only 

exiting his earth suit and he would always be with me spiritually in my 

heart and memories always . 

As my friend wept telling me about the worn spot where dog had laid ,

and how upsetting it would be to see that indention in the ground.

I suggested she create something special in that area , a small statue, 

a plant , etc .

By then she was calmer , and effusive in her Thank Yous for my listening

; for being there.

Checking in later to make sure she was eating , getting her fluids etc.

I was pleased to hear that she had napped, her eyes were quite swollen 

and she had begun planning her memorial for such a beloved community

guard dog .

In a post tonight I read someone’s comment that Debbie Reynold’s death

was being done, as personalities were not real…not family . 

I plan to write more on that loss, and my opinion  which has not been 

discussed .

Jobs are completed , and folks , animals are freed to go, to acend (rise) 

which is a good thing . Unexpected exits give us pause , allows us to

experience vulnerability , allow that we face that possibility with beloved’s 

as well as our own exits.

I did not arrive at this acceptance/surrender easily and still could be challenged 

but after experiences that tried my soul on levels that demanded I accept

all cycles of life , combined with an inner faith, that Buddhism confirmed 

and supported , I better understood the Divine cycles of life .

In a few days time , I shall observe my Dad’s birthday , and celebrate for

his many lessons of love and life, in a way that honors his best , accepts

he was imperfect , and above all that he loved me “different ” as I loved

him, in a unconditional manner that has occurred with my sons …. Before.

Once such love is shared , it is never ever forgotten and that love has no end.

I will hold them but not hold on to them always , dispite the impediments of

non physical and all that divides us..
Blessings & Peace & Much Love, 

Dona Luna


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