Beautiful Birthday Wish I Share With You

On Your Mark. Get Ready. Get Set. Countdown: Three, Two, One
Yes, I’m shouting it out from the rooftops. The celebration of the day of your birth into this physical realm of appearances is a very special occasion. As I have said before, you are special and unique and you and I are so fortunate to have met each other upon the path of life and to share the realization of our unique divinity.
For several years I have been wearing a wristband 24/7 that says: “I AM Love I AM Faith I AM Joy I AM Peace I AM Free.” I wear this as a reminder of the truth of my being. I also wear it because it reminds me of those same truths about others, especially about you upon this day of celebration.
So, on your birthday, 2016, I wanted to remind you that YOU are Love. Of course you can’t be otherwise because love is the glue that holds this experience we call “life” all together. It is our inspiration. It is our meditation. It is our salvation. It is the very essence of our being, of your being.
YOU are Faith. This is the belief that exists before there is any evidence in manifestation. It is the transformational channel by which all that could be becomes that which appears. You are that faith, that blessed knowing, at the core of everything that you entertain in consciousness.
YOU are Joy. This is the joy that requires no object. It is the divine bliss that exists because it has no other choice except to be what it is, sheer and utter rapture. This experience is always available to you, waiting to explode into expression at your instant acceptance of its reality.
YOU are Peace. This is a feeling of confident relaxation. It is always as near as pausing to take a nice, deep, slow breath. In fact, it is the breath of life. Peace is like the eye of a storm, harmonious, balanced and separate from the seeming turmoil that so many choose to focus upon as it appears to swirl around them.
YOU are Free. Freedom: it is a goal that drives each of us to move beyond the seeming limitations of our habits. It includes a strength and a confidence that allows us to transcend all seeming limitations. Freedom, and its expression, is our birthright.
All of these truths, Love, Faith, Joy, Peace, and Freedom, I see manifesting in your life as you celebrate your special day. I declare it to be because it is so.
Time to celebrate with a Song: 
Happy Birthday to You. 

Happy Birthday to You. 

You are Wonderful. Hallelujah!

Happy Birthday to You. 
You are now manifesting Love, Faith, Joy, Peace and Freedom in your life experience, and they are expressing in your life and affairs as Excellent Health and Overflowing Abundance. Bless You and have a Happy Joyous Birthday!!! 


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