We are Programed To Receive , Hey Major Tom !!!!

…. You are opening up portals of self, portals of knowing,and portals of expression that you have never dreamt or that has ever been dreamt by anyone on your Earth could be experienced.
Coming in to your true self is a dimensional shift as well.

The true you is not one Being. It is not one frequency of heightened ascended Light. It is not one aspect. The true essence of you is multitudes of experience. You are a multi-universal expression of unending light. 

You look at your 3rd dimensional world and see such limited possibilities. 

In the next few years you will be experiencing paramount knowledge.

 this knowledge in all of its exquisiteness

and expansiveness is but a minuscule particle of what is available.
You are Now ready to receive as you have never received before. 
The receiving will come in knowledge packets. 
The receiving will come in Dreams. 
The receiving will come in encodings

 that are released from your DNA.
 Every aspect of you , every cell , every hair, 

every iota is activating into what is known as God encodings. 
This is means your hair is becoming a celestial event.

Your skin is becoming a celestial event. 
Every aspect of you walks into fullness. And in that fullness,
You will recognize that it is not enough and reach for more.
You stretch yourself to go home, 

to embrace what you know as God.
The God that you search for is Within You
and has been within you from the beginning. 
You stretch your arms out as a baby that wants its parents. 

The parent holds it already. 
The child searches for what it has. 

Everyday you are challenged by your beliefs and for your beliefs., 
Everyday you are challenged as you hold tightly 

and grip what seems to be reality. 

You are afraid to know more. , 
Each time , each minute, 

each level of Information that comes to you, 

challenges your sanity, challenges your existence. 
You each are continually downloaded and upgraded. 
Many Truths are not for your ears, Your Heart only. 
They may not fit your metaphysical belief system.
We are the Pleiades and we will go at this time.
Honor what comes through your thinking patterns.
By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ❤


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