Long Story Short, #WeGotThis

The truth revealed by rejection of Trump’s contingent’s replacement

has many aspects including that his whole platform was and has been

7 years of threats , constituting mental stress, anxiety …

This signals that we the people can come together in large enough 

solidarity to better balance the outcome.

And demand , in a solidarity to design , what it is we do need 

To be better served in caring for our health , preserving our

Health , educated factually , instead of fakery from A to Z

A new vision of a world of enough has old components 

As well as new , and all manner of in between ; Inclusion 

Rather than exclusion , Revolution in Evolution , & Commitment.

A wonderful sign, a celebration of redidication too knowing 






With fractal education , mentor ship , attachment parenting in a child friendly 

nation. and world as they teach us…

As we make their world safe 

Demanding , Praying that be so for All

There is no Me, Me, or I , in US.

Share your stories , find your “tribe” and 

In what ever higher power of love and light 

That has an awareness beyond self 

And a determination to do better 

Requires a mighty Bigly eraser !

“The place to start is with yourself –

can you be totally sincere with yourself ? 

Can you go to that place that is beyond blame, beyond judgment, 

beyond should and shouldn’t ? 

Can you go to that place that is so sincere you won’t shy away from any part of yourself that is still in conflict; 

you won’t use the perception of truth to hide from 

something that feels less than liberating?
It is really a question of Sincerity. 

Once you discover the Level of sincerity and honesty

 I am describing, you find that sincerity and honesty are Manifestations of the absolute Nature of being. 

To be this sincere with yourself may not be easy, initially. 

You may see things about yourself you don’t want to see. You may see the parts of yourself that stand in seemingly stark contrast to everything you have realized. 
Nonetheless, this is where awakening moves; 

awakening moves toward and into that which is not awake. Sincerity is what allows this movement to happen, 

and it does happen if you are real with yourself.
A lot of students who come to see me have the unconscious idea that enlightenment means one should be able to feel complete happiness, total bliss, and total freedom in any situation. This is one of the unconscious beliefs that many people have about awakening, and it’s another misperception.
If you believe the misperception that enlightenment is only about happiness, bliss, and freedom, you will be motivated to transcend or escape those areas of your life that feel less than fully functional. But sooner or later, as we become more awake, we find that there is more and more pressure to encounter and deal with those areas of our lives that we have been avoiding, where we are less than fully conscious.
I have found that a lot of people become quite afraid when they start to realize where this whole movement of awakening is taking them, that it is taking them into an area where they will be called to be unusually honest and real and come completely out of hiding. This is contrary to the idea of awakening being simply a transcendence of life,

 the finding of a safe haven in some inner experience 

where we don’t have to deal with life as it is. 
Awakening is, in fact, quite the opposite: 

it’s a state of BEing in which we find the capacity to deal 

with our lives as they actually are. But as I said, 

many people are afraid of this part of the process, 

because it demands that we come out

 of hiding on every level.”
~ Adyashanti ❤

© For the Love of Buddha ,  

Your DonaLuna


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