Claus-Peter Kessler on Sensitivity vs Toxicity 

I network with awesome, intelligent professionals and 

there’s none better than, Claus-Peter Kessler of Germany; 

We are always discussing about the vaccines, not really about the condition or the state the patients are in, receiving them . Are they sensitive to mercury or aluminum or formaldehyde, because the amount does not seem to matter, some never had any side effects or some react to the first, others on the last shot. A 5kg baby gets the same amount as a 15 kg baby and the heavier one may react. Is it the adjuvant or the viral ingredient or both ? In all these studies, we are reading are no baseline determinations, I mentioned above. Sensitivity vs Toxicity

You have to understand the difference between sensitivity and toxicity. If you are sensitive to mercury, your body reacts to the exposure of each single molecule of mercury from inhalation, ingestion or transdermally and disturbs your order of your system, especially influences the predisposed weak spots of your system (skin, immune system, joint fluid, etc.).

Mercury-sensitivity and ApoE4, Boyd Haley PhD explains why the apolipoprotein-4 (APOE-4) genotype represents a genetic susceptibility to mercury toxicity . If you are not disturbed by this vibration or frequency of mercury, your body is able to take care of all other toxins (Arsenic, Aluminum, Meds, Alcohol, Pesticides, Mycotoxins, etc., not in a toxicological dose), you are getting exposed to and your body is able to use compensatory pathways to make up weaknesses (genetic), If disturbed, your body is not able to do this and will even react uncontrolled , irrational, dysautonomic (allergic). Other patients are sensitive to Aluminum, Fluoride, Palladium, Iridium, Indium, Gold, Titan, Silicium, Formaldehyde and react to the vibration of this particular element and not to mercury. The word ‘Multiple Chemical Sensitivity’ should be individually narrowed down to the one or seldom two chemical elements. The patient is sensitive to a product ( vaccine, fragrance, food, cosmetics, etc.), because it contains, in trace amounts, the chemical element, and this can vary from charge to charge. Dysautonomias

Experts in the field of Auriculomedizin, Applied Kinesiology and a few others are fully aware of the dysfunction and dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system, known as dysautonomia. We know, that this dysautonomia, ‘great name’, is always caused by strong disturbing fields (Scars, Heavy- Metal-sensitivity, dental foci), which have certain interconnections with the body (meridiansystem) resulting in a switching of the autonomic nervous system. For those thinking energy- and vibrational wise, it is the blockade of the Ajna Chakra, the ‘Third Eye’, having connections with the pituitary gland, the regulatory system of all our hormones, it influences the hypothalamic-pituitary-hormonal cascade.

It also influences the pineal gland resulting in melatonin irregularities, leading to sleep disorder and wild dreams. You are not able to shut  off and relax, your thoughts are going constantly wired, you can not rest and recuperate.


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