Packing for This Train 

About the Wake Up Experience
Humanity is heading for the next step in evolution, 

The universal energies streaming onto our planet are changing immensely right Now. 

The planetary constellations are causing a lot more female energy to come onto our planet and into our consciousness. 

The changes in these energy fields are causing uncomfortableness, pain, emotional breakouts and body symptoms such as headaches, digestion issues, vertigo, skin rashes and blurry eyesights.
More and more people are waking up to a new reality, recognizing that we have been living in a fake and programmed world that kept our true existence away from ourselves. Science and Spirituality are merging. It becomes more and more aparent that both fields always talked about the same thing from different angles: Energy.
Slowly but continuously we find back to Source or God or the Universe or whatever you want to call this almighty universal intelligence we all stem from and we all carry inside of us. No matter where people are in their awakening process – the underlying feeling of missing wholeness is showing up in many ways. Many people are busy with the question what life truly is about and somehow know that there must be more to it than what it is and offers right now. No matter how much they achieve in life, the nagging void within comes back. Until people realize: neither materialistic possessions, a great career and lots of money can fill this void. They realize that they are longing for something they have forgotten about: Their true origin, passion and nature. They miss themselves. This is the start into the journey back to self-love, authenticity and true freedom. And there is a lot of help.
 Many beings living amongst us are star seeds from different galaxies, others are earth angels. As this might sound crazy to many, when seeing it from an energetic perspective, it is not so woowoo at all. These are beings operating on a higher frequency / higher dimension to help raising the frequency on the planet. All this serves to expand the human consciousness and establish a society based on oneness and community. 
These beings all incarnated here to bring more universal light and love onto this planet that has been in dark times and deceived for so long.
The Wake Up Experience  
Vera Ingeborg ❤
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