Sleeping Alone: Often A “Good Thing”

I totally agree with this .

I recall my Mom’s resistance to separate bedrooms after 30 years 

of sleeping together when their work scheldues allowed. She snored

extremely , and so upon finding my self in the same situation in 

marriage I often slept on a sofa .

I have come to know that I can create a perfect , peace filled bedroom

and releasing much old stuff , I sleep very well , until faced with a 

situation that necessitates a relocation , and I start all over again.

The following was part of a piece on our current Prez and wife , rumored 

to have separate bedrooms ; which is in agreeing couples is much healthier .

As an die hard romantic , and a Pisces , keeping a bit of mystery ongoing 

and coming together in union rather than a myriad of side effects of a

sleep partner makes perfect sense .
“In fact, separate bedrooms could actually mend relationship rifts.

“Many couples who sleep apart even report better sex lives,” points out Brian Davis, co-founder of the blog SparkRental. “Instead of climbing in bed with your spouse, precipitating nightly arguments about when the lights go out or bed hogging, it takes on a more special meaning. Some couples say it’s like being a teenager again, complete with ‘Your place or mine?’ jokes.”
**Why millennials love sleeping alone

Separate bedrooms may have a Victorian-era sensibility, but this trend is coming back in vogue thanks largely to millennials—who prefer plenty of me-time and just don’t see the romance in sharing every waking (and sleeping) moment with their significant other.
“My boyfriend of eight years and I have our own bedrooms,” says Mary McGinn, a millennial entrepreneur living in Orlando, FL. “I’m a bit messy, work from home, and rise early. He’s very tidy, sleeps in a little later, and plays video games late at night. We’re both introverts with our own creative projects and ventures. We could share a room if we had to, but having our own rooms works better for us. Ain’t no shame in it.”
Even many celebrity couples (past and present) have come out and said they sleep in separate beds or bedrooms, including Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter (because Burton snores and Bonham Carter likes to pace and watch TV), Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick (because Disick is a light sleeper, particularly when their son Mason joins them), and Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (when they were married, Cruise had a “soundproof snoratorium” all to himself).
The bottom line: While it’s still rare for couples to have separate bedrooms, maybe more should.
“Once people understand that it’s better for both individuals, more people will want to build homes that way,” sats Bob Littell, a Realtor in Jasper, GA. And he knows this from personal experience: He’s been happily married but sleeping in separate bedrooms for 13 years. In fact, he designed his new house accordingly.
“This is the second house we’ve built and lived in that has a large master bedroom and a smaller second bedroom,” Littell says.
The reason: “I get up at 5 in the morning and so I’m usually in bed by 9, whereas my wife goes to bed at midnight,” he explains. “We also have two dogs—Duke and Duchess—and Duke and I are the family snorers. One more reason why it makes sense. Sometimes he even wakes me up.”
Maybe man’s best friend needs his own separate bedroom, too.”

May you soar in your dreams , high above any disturbance with angels above, below, ,to your right and to your left .

Blessings & Peace,

Dona Luna


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