Apt discription of what is going on for many 

Owing to the multiple retrogrades (present & upcoming), many people are not seeing straight. A lot of wounds (parent-child, abuser-victim, etc.) are coming up left right and center. And signals are getting mixed up all over the place. 
Rather than talking, we´re engaged in games of projection. Depending on the other person´s state of mind – you become victim, abuser, oppressor, rescuer – or weird combinations therein. 
No matter what you say, or do – what is ultimately heard is the fear or insecurity of the listener. It becomes a one-sided conversation masking as a two-sided one. 
An extreme case of this would be in Batman Begins, where the Scarecrow uses a toxic serum to alter the perceptions of population so that they turn on each other out of fear. No amount of reasoning can work in that scenario. 
The best thing you can do is to be clear about who you are and what your boundaries look like (unless you´re in a Batman-style scenario, in which case just leave). 
Do not take on board the role of pedestalized martyr or punching bag in the name of ´love´ or ´compassion´. 
At the vibrational level, love and compassion will not require you to mould yourself to fit into another´s expectation of reality. 
The Sky Priestess


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