Snatched ; that I’m aware of  as of today.

Wooden porch Swing

Grill and full propane tank .

3 piece concrete prayer bench

Buddha statue 

Brand new hose reel 

Soaking hose

$50 hose 

Metal dog crate 

Medium Dog carrier

Small Dog Carrier

Rail Road ties 

Yard tools , rakes, hoes etc 

Fencing and metal stakes

Green cloth rug ( was inside on porch)

4  purple metal directors chairs , and 4 new cushions 

2/4 round back metal chairs 

4  5 to 10 lb raw crystals 

2 bags of road salt 

2 rebarb Tri pods to hold caste iron pots, specially made , never used

Solar lights / flood light attached to porch etc for protection 

My Dad’s ladder 

Wheel barrow

Butterfly Bush

Smoke tree

Fire Pit 

2 boxes of floating wood floor

Artificial Christmas Tree 

Iron Christmas tree stand

Numerous Grape Vine Wreaths

New un opened bottles of fish fertilizer 

4/5. 5 gallon gas cans 

2 small engine gas cans

Oil for small engine

Numerous spray paints and varnishes

Dad’s green metal cart(needs wheels) 

Small and medium metal troths

Large black animal water bowel ( heavy black plastic)

Gas logs

Collected seeds , ongoing for 10 years 

Small white dog house 

Camping grill   Plus –

2 gas for grill

Smithsonian Rock Tumbler( not used) 

Large wet vac gifted me by Carol 

2 Hens & Chicks 

At least $1000 in freezer / fridge, including medicines and misio (s)
Inside dresser. ( inside house) 5/8 brand new journals.
I could file $58 , I don’t have..currently . Being heard before same judge alone is not something I intend to subject myself to.

Those who could support me, cannot due to threatening implications from the source.

5 k expenses that are not over yet. 

A full afternoon of calling only to hear , sorry I cannot help you 

Offers of Legal Aide  I don’t qualify…. 12 years running .
Bear in mind , the harrassment

Not having hot water to shower for 96 days

Repeated physically delivered harrassments 

No paper work existed to have officers evict me  4 days into a weekend.

And no one who could helped.

Endangered ? Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ! Doesn’t matter.

No money , no place to move ? 


Sure , ask my friends how I hord .. Was trying to accumulate things for women’s 

shelter .

Took advantage ?

Hardly .

Bottom feeders do exist, as do kind folks and I happily acknowledge that I prefer

Reality and Mindfulness. 
This is not a pity party . If the sale is as predicted Memorial Day, I will be 

attending a family reunion , that I had to miss last year due to an ugly undiagnosed

Inflammatory Bowel . I missed seeing my relatives , including Aunt Mary who

passed last fall just shy of her 111 birthday.

So drop by the sale, barter the price down as it was * free bounty * 

I know a cycle begun with my ownership of property , in marriage end 

and all harassment in foundation , day to day is over . 

While I do agree there’s enough for every body on this planet, the direction 

currently is 10% wealth and the rest in abject poverty ; change the programming .

If not the example , then a warning ? 
Blessings & Peace 



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