Are NPD delusional and or mentally unstable ? 

For those who are dealing with this in a spouse, ex, or even close friends. . .from Quora: 
“Are narcissists delusional and mentally unstable?”

 (Editor’s note: Keep in mind that narcissism comes in various degrees and that is is possible to heal from narcissism. . .if the narcissist ever really wants to, which is rare.) 
“I would say that a person whose rage is barely under control, whose original personality has been obliterated, who regards the slightest autonomy in others as a dire threat to his control, who treats his intimates like dogs, who literally gets high off another’s pain, who becomes depressed and down by the happiness of another, who makes a point of betrayal, who entraps and isolates, who falsely accuses, who plays for a sympathy that he knows really belongs to another, who wants leadership but cannot responsibly handle it, and who manipulates every one around him to gang up on his victim is indeed unstable and much, much more.

As for delusional—narcissists only thrive when surrounded by an entourage of flying monkeys, sycophants, dupes and suck-up wannabes. They’re the buffer between him and reality—the narcissist’s bubble—to keep reality at bay and the flimsy ego intact.”


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