Return of Great Cosmic Mothers ~ It  is Done 

Morgan Lee

The Sisterhood of light has been resurrected and activated upon this planet and each of you who has come to play a role in this has agreed to their own personal activation.

And in doing so, your etherical hands have been joined.

Your DNA was activated and many of you will begin to recall now, your mission.

As you have agreed to be of service to God, to Mother Earth and to humanity, her children, The Power of the Group, being The Sisterhood of light, as such, is available to those who have chosen, now.

As you embody the light, of your multidimensional self , you begin to embody and resurrect the Laws of One and Love back onto Mother Earth herself.

The Sisterhood of light has not been on this planet in this capacity for many of thousands of years. Not since a time known to you as Atlantis.

This is difficult for the human mind to fully understand but as each of you finally choose your power as your own, in reverence, honour, and accept full responsibility for that power, then as a group, and team, of conscious light workers, you become a very powerful force.

Service to a cause of great magnificence is at hand.

Around the planet, positioned to perfection, you hold each others hands and in unison hold the light force, like stitches creating a fabric, the resurrection of The Sisterhood of Light, back into a new manifested reality.

The Power that you all wield, in so much love, will become apparent as you work side by side in the love for Mother Goddess, Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants in full force over the coming months.

The Planet and all of her children will feel the force of this love that The Sisterhood of light will be emanating.

You are asked to be particularly gentle with yourself over the coming days as your physical vehicle integrates this level of light, now contained in your being.

You are asked to allow your minds to expand and see and perceive far beyond what you have allowed yourself to experience so far.

The Sisterhood of Light has returned to the planet and there are many at this time experiencing awareness of the Divine Feminine, Mother Goddess, Pure Source Love.

It Is Done.


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