Albert Clayton Caulden on RX for Wellness = Writing 

Writing has indeed been and continues to be cathartic for my soul healing . 
All you have is your story. Start writing it.I sat with a married couple yesterday, They had gone through the Sedona Intensive in 2011. In the opening remarks I said to the husband, “I liked the writing you sent to me two weeks ago. Keep writing and keep sending it to me. If you want to heal what is bothering you, the prescription for wellness is in your backstory.” What precipitated my remarks was the notion that if we go through a period of either emotional or physical sickness or both we can uncover the genesis for returning to wellness in the stories we tell ourselves. When I was sober a few months in 1980 one of my sisters told me that our Dad was not well. Although my parents had been divorced for eons sobriety taught me to amend all situations no matter who was at fault. I sat down and wrote him an amends letter. He called me around a week after receiving my letter. Dad and I talked for three hours, tears streaming down my cheeks and hurt lifted from my soul. Rather than making excuses for not seeing more of his children the talk turned into therapy for me and possibly for him as well. My sister Margie called me the next morning to report that Dad had died. I confess that for many years I was a thrill seeker, going hither and yon to fill my life with distractions and a lot of nonsense so I didn’t have to feel what was going on in my life. My suggestion would be for each and every one who reads this post would be to start telling your story with prose on the page. Om. Tat. Sat. Om


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