And the walls come a tumblin down ; Surrender 

The Spiritual path is one of Surrender.
There comes a time in the journey back to the Soul when

 you must be brought to your knees: broken open, 

exhausted, clueless, swimming in a tide of chaos.

You will create this experience in your life, because you need

 it in order to taste the sacred medicine of Surrender.

Being ‘brought to your knees’ means that the mind and

 personality can no longer handle the magnitude

 of what needs to come alive inside you.

It means that the world as you have known it, and 

have been trying to hold together, no longer has a foundation. 

The walls are collapsing, the ceiling is caving in, the winds of change are howling through the broken windows. Beneath your feet, it looks as if an earthquake is beginning to rumble, pushing up the ground and de-stabilising the ground under your feet.
Nothing that you can humanly do will keep this house together. 

All of your efforts to resist, to suppress, to avoid and deny the incoming flood of spiritual energy that is about to transform you, inside and out, are now in vain.
Your Soul is now ready. Your mind, heart and body are now ready. 

There is no other option but to hand your life over to God.

 Everything is breaking apart, falling in, tumbling down, and you simply do not possess the energy anymore to keep repairing 

what keeps being destroyed in front of your eyes, night after night.

Fall down to your knees.

Place your palms on the ground. Hold your palms up to the sky.

Put your palms on your Heart.

You are Safe. There is Another Plan.

 This Plan is taking you outside of your limited mind

 and ego’s need for control, defence, attack.
The Universe is holding out a Sacred Torch to you. It is flaming, blinding, hot,

 full of Love. This torch is attuned to your Soul’s Purpose. It is showing you a New Way. It is bringing New Souls into your life. It is opening your Heart to your incredible divine beauty, creativity, passions, desires, long-held dreams.
The Old Way no longer serves you. As of today, it is Gone.

You are now surrendered to the Path. It is illumined, candle-lit, lined with angels. Miracles and synchronicity will be your guides. Your heart will begin to beat with a confident, clear and truthful note. You will hear the Sound of your Soul speaking, and it will show you how you were designed to live.

From your truth, from your Light, from your sacred wisdom, from your divine strength, from your inner power.
The Path of the Soul is the one of surrender, because there always comes a point in the journey of the Mystic when there is no other option but to relinquish control. Falling down in surrender to the Divine is the most holy, most courageous, most honourable and humble sacred act you can ever undertake.
Once you have finally stopped trying to say ‘No’ to the waves of transformation that are continually crashing into your world,

 you fall to your knees, open your Soul, 

and say a huge ‘YES’ to the Divine Plan for your Life.
~ Sophie Bashford ❤


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