Taking time, slowing it down , equals Peace 2me, New Moon Info 

I feel this in my self healing mode, finally utilizing the teachings and research 

of many years along with experience .

 Castor oil packs, on my colon and  my scalp with juniper oil 

and sea salt foot soak .  I invest in my healing and I’m  peace filled in my new

sanctuary that 1600 sq ft upstairs avails.  My body is responding gratefully , as 

I nod out often and realizations come in meditation that put answers to questions

or periods at the end of sentences . I do feel lighter, but also must be mindful 

of energy drainers. As I continue to settle in , my August will be to create via

my write as all as talked away to leave me , finally the space to do so. 

This Saturday the sun moves into Leo, the sign it rules, 

and launches a powerful month of cosmic events. 

The 1st New Moon in Leo occurs at 1° in the early morning hours Sunday, 

July 23rd and conjunct Mars in Leo at 2°. 

Mars if very comfortable in the Leo Refiner’s Fire.

 It is the perfect moment to harness the fiery motivation to dive into projects 

and create new opportunities,

 and express yourself with authentic integrity.
The 2nd New Moon in Leo concludes with a game-changing 

Solar Eclipse on August 21st, just a few degrees from

 the North Node. There is growing anticipation in regard to

 this powerful solar eclipse in America, as it also aligns with 

the president’s natal ascendant in the last degrees of Leo. 

Expect sudden shifts and shocking surprises

 while the eclipse energy ripples through the collective.
Adding to the eclipse impact is Uranus turning retrograde on August 2nd in 28°Aries. Much of the rapid changes since 2011 can be attributed to the revolutionary/evolutionary Uranus-Pluto square. Now Uranus will form a trine with the Leo Eclipse on August 21st, creating a zero point reset of future timelines.

 It is the perfect storm of confluent energies

 merging into a colossal redirect for Gaia and humanity.
The intense battle between Light and Dark and the destiny of our future hinges on this reset point – forging a new trajectory 

away from archon devastation and into the realm of unity consciousness.

 The Great Shift is gaining momentum 

now as we ramp up to an intense August – 

don’t take your eyes off the goal. It is within our grasp!
When Light Warriors unite together with focused intentions/visions/heart-felt desires for a new world paradigm operating with Love, peace and harmony – 

the planetary hologram morphs and responds. 

United we are stronger than any other force on the planet !
Join Light Warriors from around the world in a united ‘group mind’ as we co-create our New Earth in unity consciousness. Contribute to the Great Shift occurring in the collective this Saturday, July 22nd at 12pm Pacific.

Register at: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=19128

Meg Benedicte

Copyright (c) 2017 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.


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