GYN, will never touch me again . Hysterectomies #1 Surgery, too often unnecessary $

“BABY CATCHER AND UTERUS SNATCHER’ is medical slang for obstetrician-gynaecologist.
Latest government statistics show that the hysterectomy has become the number one operation in the United States and now outranks the tonsillectomy and the appendectomy, the former top surgical contenders. Recent AMA-sponsored research placed the hysterectomy and dilation and curettage (D & C) second among unnecessary procedures, surpassed only by surgery on the knee.

 Since gynaecologists seemingly regard the uterus as an expendable organ, useless for purposes other than childbearing, they have a casual attitude about it’s removal. Some even go so far as to recommend prophylactic hysterectomies, surgery in the complete absence of any disease.

 How many hysterectomies are of the “hip pocket variety” where the main benefit accrues to the surgeon’s wallet?
Men Who Control Women’s Health.. Diana Scully


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