Taking time, slowing it down , equals Peace 2me, New Moon Info 

I feel this in my self healing mode, finally utilizing the teachings and research 

of many years along with experience .

 Castor oil packs, on my colon and  my scalp with juniper oil 

and sea salt foot soak .  I invest in my healing and I’m  peace filled in my new

sanctuary that 1600 sq ft upstairs avails.  My body is responding gratefully , as 

I nod out often and realizations come in meditation that put answers to questions

or periods at the end of sentences . I do feel lighter, but also must be mindful 

of energy drainers. As I continue to settle in , my August will be to create via

my write as all as talked away to leave me , finally the space to do so. 

This Saturday the sun moves into Leo, the sign it rules, 

and launches a powerful month of cosmic events. 

The 1st New Moon in Leo occurs at 1° in the early morning hours Sunday, 

July 23rd and conjunct Mars in Leo at 2°. 

Mars if very comfortable in the Leo Refiner’s Fire.

 It is the perfect moment to harness the fiery motivation to dive into projects 

and create new opportunities,

 and express yourself with authentic integrity.
The 2nd New Moon in Leo concludes with a game-changing 

Solar Eclipse on August 21st, just a few degrees from

 the North Node. There is growing anticipation in regard to

 this powerful solar eclipse in America, as it also aligns with 

the president’s natal ascendant in the last degrees of Leo. 

Expect sudden shifts and shocking surprises

 while the eclipse energy ripples through the collective.
Adding to the eclipse impact is Uranus turning retrograde on August 2nd in 28°Aries. Much of the rapid changes since 2011 can be attributed to the revolutionary/evolutionary Uranus-Pluto square. Now Uranus will form a trine with the Leo Eclipse on August 21st, creating a zero point reset of future timelines.

 It is the perfect storm of confluent energies

 merging into a colossal redirect for Gaia and humanity.
The intense battle between Light and Dark and the destiny of our future hinges on this reset point – forging a new trajectory 

away from archon devastation and into the realm of unity consciousness.

 The Great Shift is gaining momentum 

now as we ramp up to an intense August – 

don’t take your eyes off the goal. It is within our grasp!
When Light Warriors unite together with focused intentions/visions/heart-felt desires for a new world paradigm operating with Love, peace and harmony – 

the planetary hologram morphs and responds. 

United we are stronger than any other force on the planet !
Join Light Warriors from around the world in a united ‘group mind’ as we co-create our New Earth in unity consciousness. Contribute to the Great Shift occurring in the collective this Saturday, July 22nd at 12pm Pacific.

Register at: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=19128

Meg Benedicte

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And the walls come a tumblin down ; Surrender 

The Spiritual path is one of Surrender.
There comes a time in the journey back to the Soul when

 you must be brought to your knees: broken open, 

exhausted, clueless, swimming in a tide of chaos.

You will create this experience in your life, because you need

 it in order to taste the sacred medicine of Surrender.

Being ‘brought to your knees’ means that the mind and

 personality can no longer handle the magnitude

 of what needs to come alive inside you.

It means that the world as you have known it, and 

have been trying to hold together, no longer has a foundation. 

The walls are collapsing, the ceiling is caving in, the winds of change are howling through the broken windows. Beneath your feet, it looks as if an earthquake is beginning to rumble, pushing up the ground and de-stabilising the ground under your feet.
Nothing that you can humanly do will keep this house together. 

All of your efforts to resist, to suppress, to avoid and deny the incoming flood of spiritual energy that is about to transform you, inside and out, are now in vain.
Your Soul is now ready. Your mind, heart and body are now ready. 

There is no other option but to hand your life over to God.

 Everything is breaking apart, falling in, tumbling down, and you simply do not possess the energy anymore to keep repairing 

what keeps being destroyed in front of your eyes, night after night.

Fall down to your knees.

Place your palms on the ground. Hold your palms up to the sky.

Put your palms on your Heart.

You are Safe. There is Another Plan.

 This Plan is taking you outside of your limited mind

 and ego’s need for control, defence, attack.
The Universe is holding out a Sacred Torch to you. It is flaming, blinding, hot,

 full of Love. This torch is attuned to your Soul’s Purpose. It is showing you a New Way. It is bringing New Souls into your life. It is opening your Heart to your incredible divine beauty, creativity, passions, desires, long-held dreams.
The Old Way no longer serves you. As of today, it is Gone.

You are now surrendered to the Path. It is illumined, candle-lit, lined with angels. Miracles and synchronicity will be your guides. Your heart will begin to beat with a confident, clear and truthful note. You will hear the Sound of your Soul speaking, and it will show you how you were designed to live.

From your truth, from your Light, from your sacred wisdom, from your divine strength, from your inner power.
The Path of the Soul is the one of surrender, because there always comes a point in the journey of the Mystic when there is no other option but to relinquish control. Falling down in surrender to the Divine is the most holy, most courageous, most honourable and humble sacred act you can ever undertake.
Once you have finally stopped trying to say ‘No’ to the waves of transformation that are continually crashing into your world,

 you fall to your knees, open your Soul, 

and say a huge ‘YES’ to the Divine Plan for your Life.
~ Sophie Bashford ❤

Soul Provider; Let freedom ( liberation) ring , July’s Soul Train 

 Neptune also helps us to see the world around us as paradoxical, rather than black and white, either or. A famous psychologist of the 20th century, Thomas Moore, who wrote Care of the Soul, has written: “the nature of the soul is paradox.”


Took me to this tune and tears that I ever thought a beloved would fill my soul..  Yet another

inside out work in progress, tears that I’m on my way ..thankfully 


A Meditative and Emotional Month of July 

Posted on June 29, 2017 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM


The astrology of July features Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Pluto and Eris. The recent Cancer New Moon that set the stage for the current lunation cycle, up to July 23rd, has, once again, strong inner to outer planet connections. In this potent configuration, Venus is in partile or same-degree trine with Pluto, with implications for looking more closely into our relationship dynamic, while Mars in Cancer closely trines Neptune in Pisces, aided and abetted by Jupiter in Libra. With a Cancer Mars the energy of this fiery planet is muted, and directed toward emotional realities rather than external goals. Then, too, Saturn precisely trines Eris, to the degree. Eris, the new planet beyond Pluto only discovered and named as recently as 2006, represents a spiritual warrior energy for promoting soul intention over all else. This represents therefore a greater commitment to attempting to discover, within, your most profound purpose, that which you came into this lifetime to accomplish. Meanwhile, Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Moon at the timing of this watery New Moon, making this a thoughtful and meditative month when you are likely to spend time plumbing the depths of your emotions and becoming more familiar with your inner realms. 
The Full Moon of Saturday, July 8th, constitutes an important juncture, when the Sun has moved closer to Mars, deeper in Cancer, and opposite Pluto, with the Moon conjunct. July is thus a very Plutonian time, a time of change, and of letting go of what no longer serves. Pluto transits are trouble to the extent that you resist. When you can quite easily accept the inevitability of change, and move on, Pluto becomes your friend.
In addition to the might of Pluto being thrust into prominence this Cancer cycle, there is also another major power planet, namely Neptune. This numinous and delicately complex planet has a transformational aspect to him as well, like Pluto, although far more subtle. Neptune is featured in the New Moon that began the Cancer cycle, and also the July 8th Full Moon, when Jupiter has moved to an even more perfect trine with Neptune. The July 23rd New Moon in the first degree of Leo also aspects Neptune by sesquiquadrate, so that we have a Neptune-filled month. This archetype is closely connected to the vast unconscious realms within you, which are also brought forward by Mars in Cancer. This is the seat of our emotions, and many of our emotional strengths, as well as our potential hang-ups. This latter is mainly the case when we allow complexes to build up inside us, by not paying sufficient attention to the messages that the unconscious parts of ourselves are trying to get across to us. The lesson for this month is to pay close attention to everything that happens, dreams included, and to take even chance occurrences quite seriously. Neptune also helps us to see the world around us as paradoxical, rather than black and white, either or. A famous psychologist of the 20th century, Thomas Moore, who wrote Care of the Soul, has written: “the nature of the soul is paradox.”
Another event that is taking place this month is the station of Eris to retrograde motion, on July 20th, just in the timing of the Leo New Moon a few days later, and closely trine Saturn. Saturn too is slowing down, preparing to station direct in August, and remains within 2 degrees of a perfect trine to Eris for the remainder of the month. This brings to greater prominence their combination, which could be summarized as a strong commitment to discovering soul intention. There is something within you, of which you might already be aware, that urges you on to a particular outcome. This depends on your most profound values, your most cherished goals; whatever it is that, once you are fully aware of it, you cannot NOT do. It is possible that this month will supply clues to this important factor that arises from deep within you. 

Character traits of a NARC , by Jo Sutch Truths

He has no idea of loyalty, love, morality or truth. Nor, does he know anything about courage, faith, trust.
He is aware of the words but his understanding of these words are fully reverted back to his self . In other words, all of these things must be given to him but nothing is required of him in return. Furthermore, none of these words are understood in their true sense but warped into new meanings that suit him.
Which is another task that a victim child has to overcome on growing up and onwards from a father such as this.
With Narcissistic Fathers you are not the best child you can be until you are fully compliant in the role he sets out for you. Whether that is the awful child, beautiful child, sexually appealing child, intellectual child or mixture of everything to suit his changing moods.
Until the day he dies you are meant to be a servant to his ever increasing demands, and they will increase as he gets older.
Personally, I keep a distance but interject should I feel that he is entering into harmful situations and/or harming others.
This is because of my own personal understanding of my situation and because I can’t in all good conscious sit back and watch him hurt himself and/or others. In fact, within his own family of origin, he is (believe it or not) at the very bottom of the Narcissistic food chain and used and abused by his own family.
He treated me growing up, just how his family treat him. Now, that I have a feeling of indifference to him as a father, I can subtly try and avert any major disasters within the family.
This kind of thing is not recommended should you still be trying to heal. I would always recommend looking after yourself first then taking anything else on in small, non committal doses and only if you stay well while doing it.
He will be, until the day he dies, a severely deluded man. He has created this fantasy ‘mob rule’ family world but there are fractures. Fractures which he clearly sees and refuses to believe it is him. In response to these fractures, he has run back to his own Narcissistic family of origin and allows them to twist him even further away from us.
It is not my problem and however your father made you feel is not your problem. Your issue now is to re wire what he taught you and then you will be able to discern healthy modes, from non healthy modes. Once this has been completed, you will feel indifference towards your father and indifference towards anyone else who tries to replicate how your father was to you.
One of the first clues, on meeting someone new, is where do they place you? Do they come from a stance of equality or from an inferior and/or superior stance.
How you are placed, is how you will be treated from there on in. Always try and meet from a place of equality, regardless of who they are and act from that stance.
You are the master of yourself and need no replacement father. Having a mentor in your life does not mean that they should take over the paternal role. They will, if healthy, offer advice but only if you ask for it and will allow you to make your own decision without judgement.
I am sure I will touch upon this topic at a later date.
Historically, men have been allowed to rule whichever way they wish. It seems to be their default but not one that you need to accept.
If you find yourself putting more work into having a relationship with your father than you put in to any other area in your life, then perhaps the problem isn’t you but them…relationships are meant to uplift not drag your down.

 You are worthy of love and respect, especially if that is all you have ever given out.

Albert Clayton Caulden on RX for Wellness = Writing 

Writing has indeed been and continues to be cathartic for my soul healing . 
All you have is your story. Start writing it.I sat with a married couple yesterday, They had gone through the Sedona Intensive in 2011. In the opening remarks I said to the husband, “I liked the writing you sent to me two weeks ago. Keep writing and keep sending it to me. If you want to heal what is bothering you, the prescription for wellness is in your backstory.” What precipitated my remarks was the notion that if we go through a period of either emotional or physical sickness or both we can uncover the genesis for returning to wellness in the stories we tell ourselves. When I was sober a few months in 1980 one of my sisters told me that our Dad was not well. Although my parents had been divorced for eons sobriety taught me to amend all situations no matter who was at fault. I sat down and wrote him an amends letter. He called me around a week after receiving my letter. Dad and I talked for three hours, tears streaming down my cheeks and hurt lifted from my soul. Rather than making excuses for not seeing more of his children the talk turned into therapy for me and possibly for him as well. My sister Margie called me the next morning to report that Dad had died. I confess that for many years I was a thrill seeker, going hither and yon to fill my life with distractions and a lot of nonsense so I didn’t have to feel what was going on in my life. My suggestion would be for each and every one who reads this post would be to start telling your story with prose on the page. Om. Tat. Sat. Om